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Formed in 1962 and still a top live draw almost 50 years on, The Rolling Stones are surely the most unique act of the Rock age, still performing dynamic shows and regularly recording new material that stands up as well as anything the competition has to offer. But the period in which the Stones' star shone brightest was undoubtedly during the 1960s, when barely a month would go by without a classic new single, a majestic new album or a news story telling of yet more bad behaviour from the boys! This 2 DVD set explores the fascinating story and extraordinary songs of the UK's most treasured musical asset, as it takes a detailed look at their career throughout the most electric period of their history. Featuring contributions from an enormous list of friends, associates and contemporaries and with comment, insight and critique from some of rock's most respected journalists, and including rare band footage, archive interviews, news reels from the era, locations shoots, unseen photographs and a host of other features, this beautifully packaged DVD set is amongst the very finest films about this truly exceptional band. Featuring tracks such as; Come On, Not Fade Away, Little Red Rooster, The Last Time, Satisfaction, Ruby Tuesday, Jump in Jack Flash, Sympathy For The Devil, Gimme Shelter and many others.
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